* 1. How often do you listen to our stations?

  Rarely or Never A few times a year A few times a month A few times a week Daily
WXBX Kool 95.3FM
WYVE 1280AM Mainstream Country
WLOY Loyal 660AM

* 2. Would you recommend our stations to others

* 3. What recommendations would you make to improve our stations?

* 4. What would make you tune in more often?

* 5. What would you say is our main strength?

* 6. What would you say our primary weakness is?

* 7. What types of music would you like to hear?

* 8. When do you usually tune in to the radio?

* 9. What is your age?

* 10. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns regarding radio stations owned by Three Rivers Media?