Please help us complete our research project on violent video games

Recently, we completed debate to determine if violent video games contribute to youth violence. We would like your input on the subject to add to our data collection.

There are 8 short questions with multiple choice answers.

* 1. Which video games do your parents allow you to play?

* 2. Do you think violent video games contribute to aggressive behavior in children?

* 3. How many hours do you spend playing violent video games per day?

* 4. Do your parents monitor the content of the video games you play?

* 5. Do you play games that include strong language, blood and gore, violence, or other inappropriate content?

* 6. Why do you find violent video games intriguing(interesting)?

* 7. At what age should children be allowed to play M-rated games

* 8. If you play violent video games, which one is your favorite?