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4 Easy Steps to ICHRA

Step 1.  Tell us about your company? 

Step 2. Who are the employees you want to contribute to their health insurance?

Step 3.  The employee and employer reimbursement methods

Step 4. Schedule enrollment meetings for each employee

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* 1. Client Information

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* 2. Requested Effective Date

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* 5. Enrollment Support by The ICHRA Shop

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* 6. Advisor Contact

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* 7. Do you want a quote for dental, vision, life insurance or disability?

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* 8. Select the ICHRA Vendor

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* 9. Added Value to ICHRA's - Point Solutions

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* 10. Ready to Schedule a Meeting to Get Started?

1. Meeting with The ICHRA Shop + Your Advisors to Get Started 
    Proposal Review + Getting Started with ICHRA

2. Schedule Employees Personalized Enrollment Meetings
      The ICHRA Shop Enrollment Meeting

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