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RealSelf Insider
RealSelf Insiders are community members recognized by the RealSelf team for openly sharing their journey and supporting others along the way. They believe in the power of making informed, healthy choices, and embody the best of our community’s spirit of transparency, helpfulness, and respect.

The RealSelf Insider program is our way of thanking these superstars for their contributions to the community. We recognize our RealSelf Insiders with a profile badge, thank-you gifts, and opportunities to make their voice heard about potential changes with early looks at new features before they launch to the community.

A day in the life of an Insider
Once you become an Insider, our only expectation is that you’ll keep doing what you do so well: share your experiences while supporting and helping others in your community.

Here are a few other awesome perks to look forward to as a RealSelf Insider:
  • Sneak peeks. Be first to learn about our newest features and products, and even participate in select RealSelf initiatives.
  • A megaphone. No, we’re not sending you a RealSelf megaphone (although that would be pretty cool), but you’ll be able to share your feedback about new programs and site features with decision makers at RealSelf.
  • Product trials.  You’ll have the potential to try new skincare products and treatments, and tell the rest of the RealSelf community.
  • An exclusive community. Discover and connect with like-minded aesthetic enthusiasts.
  • Insider information. Receive an exclusive newsletter featuring the upcoming month’s activities, a behind-the-scenes look into RealSelf, and other valuable information.
  • Be in the know. Learn about new and trending treatments, and have the opportunity to be the first to ask providers questions and share your experiences.
  • Swag & incentives. Earn RealSelf swag, treatment discounts, and free products for your support as a RealSelf Insider.
  • Exclusive experiences. Meetups with your fellow Insiders and top RealSelf providers.
  • Enhanced profile. You’ll receive a badge on your profile indicating your Insider status.

For more information about the program, visit the RealSelf Insider page on

To be considered for the program, please complete this application. This should take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Open to US residents only.