* 2. For Breakfast  Out of 5 school days each week, on average how many days do you do each of the following for breakfast? Your total must add to 5.

* 3. From the list below, please select up to 3 top reasons why you don't get breakfast at school more often

* 4. How many days a week do you eat breakfast at the school?

* 5. If you never eat breakfast at the school, or only eat it 1-2 times a week, why?

* 6. For Breakfast select the statement that fits each type of food

  1. I would like to see MORE of these items offered 2. I would like to see LESS of these items offered
Hot breakfast sandwiches
Cold Cereal
Hot Cereal
French Toast
Turkey Bacon, Sausage, etc
Granola bars

* 7. If breakfast items you like the most were offered, how many days per week would you get breakfast at school?

* 8. Please answer the following about the different locations where breakfast may be available at your school: 1. Breakfast is available at this location, and 2. I would get breakfast at this location if it was available.

  Breakfast is available at this location I would get breakfast at this location if it was available
In school cafeteria
Breakfast in classroom
Grab-n-go cart at the entrance or other location

* 9. What is your favorite fruit? (Check all that apply)