Application for Beta Users of Cortana in iOS

We’re launching a new beta program for the Cortana iOS app and want your feedback to help improve the product experience and shape the future of Cortana on mobile. It's a limited beta for our users in the US and UK, so we will involve 1000 users to join us. If you’re interested, simply fill out the survey with your details and we’ll reply with how to enroll.

* 1. Which device do you use?

* 2. Please enter the specific OS version of your device.

* 3. How often do you use Cortana?

* 4. Are you willing to give us feedback on a beta version of the app?

* 5. The program is available in the US and UK only. Where do you currently live?

* 6. What three Cortana skills do you like the most?

* 7. What three Cortana skills do you like the least?

* 8. What is your frequently used email address so that we may contact you with information about the beta program?

* 9. What’s your first name?