Welcome, Geocachers!

We're Paul & Dana Gillin (PnD) and we're writing a book called Geocaching Secrets to be published by Clerisy Press in the spring of 2009. We love to geocache, but we're not the experts. We're relying upon the community of enthusiastic cachers to share their secrets through interviews, e-mails and surveys like this.

We've created this survey to understand better what makes geocachers tick. It's also a way for us to find out the most popular tools and practices that experienced geocachers use. And since the book is about secrets, we've invited you in a few places to share yours. The best ones will make it into the book (with your permission, of course). If we interview you, we'll send you a free copy.

Everyone who completes this survey can get the results months before they're published in Geocaching Secrets. Remember to give us your contact information so we can send them to you. The basic survey should take only 5-10 minutes to complete. It'll take longer if you choose to tell us about your experiences and share your secrets, but that's up to you. We hope you will!

Thanks and happy caching,
Paul & Dana

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