The Greater Cincinnati Smart City Working Group is working to ensure that our city and region stays competitive in its integration of technology to improve and enhance the civic experience and the delivery of government services. Your feedback on the brief survey below is appreciated and all responses will be read and incorporated.

* 1. Who Are You?

* 2. Why is Cincinnati Being a Smart City Important to You?

  Very Important Important Not Important
Saves taxpayer dollars
Keeps us on the cutting edge of innovation
Allows government to be lean and increase efficiency
Saves time and allows quicker responses to problems
Keeps us competitive with peer cities
Enhances the constituent/customer experience
Serves as a talent attraction and retention tool

* 3. Please Select Your Top 5 of the Following as Priority Areas for Smart Cities Investment by the City of Cincinnati

* 4. What Cities Should Be Cincinnati's Model For Smart Cities?

* 5. How Developed Are Cincinnati's Smart City Capabilities Right Now?

* 6. Which of the Following Do You Regularly Use?

* 7. In Your Opinion, In What Area Does the City of Cincinnati Have the Most Room For Improvement?

* 8. Please Provide Us Some Information About Yourself (optional)