Please help us serve you better by completing this short survey!

Each district should formally respond as a board and provide input to the Commission on the hard copy form presented by their assigned Commission field staff member. Individual board members, staff, partners, and others are invited to provide feedback below.

* 1. About Me: please choose the group with which you most closely identify in responding to this survey:

* 2. The Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission (Commission) connects districts: it provides opportunities to share information about district activities (via listening sessions, partner reports at Commission meetings, attending tours and visiting districts, compiling annual reports, conducting trainings, and making monthly field staff presentations at district meetings).

* 3. The Commission informs districts: its newsletter, Conservation the Idaho Way, is informative and features stories that are interesting to districts.

* 4. The Commission includes districts: invites districts to serve on advisory and work groups, to comment on new policies and/or processes, and to provide opinions and input on key decisions that impact us.

* 5. The Commission has the appropriate number of field staff to provide districts with technical assistance and capacity building support as well as to operate other state-mandated programs like TMDL implementation plan development, CREP, etc.

* 6. Overall, we are satisfied with the services and support provided by SWCC.

* 7. Rank the following district needs according to what you believe SWCC should focus on in the next budget request we submit to the Governor's Office.  Please rank in order of importance with "1" being most important and "8" being least.

Last year districts prioritized these needs as follows:
  1. District operations support
  2. The Water Quality for Agriculture cost-share program
  3. District information and education activities
  4. The Conservation Improvement Grant program
  5. Rangeland health issues
  6. Fish & wildlife issues
  7. Healthy forests/wildfire mitigation
  8. Rural/Urban interface issues

* 8. Please provide any additional feedback about the Commission's performance and/or suggestions for future years in the space below.  If you run out of space, feel free to submit additional feedback to SWCC via email.