1. Regular Season

1. Points and Trophies. Ottawa Masters distinguishes itself from other race circuits by offering: World Cup Champion points, Best 2 of 3, age categories and Beer Points
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Ladies Overall world cup points
Mens Overall world cup points
Combined overal world BeerCup points
Best 2 of 3
Nightly Beer points
Pins by age categories

2. Communications: Please identify all communications methods you use with the masters

3. How do you feel about the frequency of the newsletter?

4. Please rate the timeliness of Regular Season Races

  Perfect! Always on time Good Enough. Ready when I am Mediocre. A little slow, it could be better Yawn. The emergency room is faster!
Registration Open
results posted on the web
race start time
bibs available
Results Annoucements and Prizes

5. Masters have always made donations to Charity. Where would you like see Masters charitible dollars end up? Please rank your top three choices.

  first second third
Canadian Ski Museum
CADS -Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers
Ski Hawks Race (Caroline Mitrows organization)
CHEO race (4 members race in CHEO represeting masters)
T&L NCD Golf (4 members golf tourny to raise money for NCD)
Patrick Biggs quest for World Cup domination
Replacement Gates (donate to clubs to replace broken gates)