In an effort to meet the needs of our residents and to be as responsive as possible, the Town of Cheshire would like to gather feedback from our residents and others who use our services and interact with our staff and officials. Your response to the following survey would be most helpful, and we appreciate your participation.

* 1. Have you recently done business with an employee or official of the Town of Cheshire? (If not, please skip to question # 13)

* 2. What department, staff member or official did you contact?

* 3. Was this contact to make use of a Town service, to address a concern or complaint, or to request information?

* 4. Were you treated with courtesy and respect by staff?

* 5. Were calls returned to you as promised?

* 6. If your initial contact was in writing, did you receive a timely acknowledgement of your concern?

* 7. Was your concern addressed adequately within the Town's ability and jurisdiction to resolve the issue?

* 8. If your concern could not be addressed by the Town, did you receive a clear explanation as to why the Town was not able to resolve your issue?

* 9. Was your contact with the Town to make use of a Town service or program? (If not, please skip to Question #13)

* 10. Did you find this Town service/program simple to obtain?

* 11. How would you rate the quality of the service/program?

* 12. Do you have any specific suggestions as to how this service or program could be improved?

* 13. Have you ever watched the Government Access Channel (Cox Cable Channel 14)?

* 14. Do you have any suggestions as to how the Town could improve its website (

* 15. Do you think the Town effectively communicates information about our local government and its process, people, programs and services?

* 16. If you would be interested in learning more about the following, please choose all that apply or identify the topic if it is not listed among the selections. Please provide an email address, mailing address or phone number at the end of this survey if you would like to be contacted:

* 17. Do you attend Town Council meetings?

* 18. I attend other Town board, commission or committee meetings:

* 19. If you would like someone to contact you, please provide information below for your preferred method of contact and specify the subject of this request in the next question. If you do not require a return contact, or would like your responses to remain anonymous, simply leave this question blank and submit survey.

* 20. Please indicate the subject of your request for a Town representative to contact you.

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