* 1. Do you do team building activities in your organisation?

* 2. If Q1 above is YES, how many times have you had any form of team building activities/interventions in the last 12 months?

* 3. What is the structure of your team building sessions?

* 4. How many days do you set aside for Team Building activities?

* 5. Where is your preferred location for Team Building?

* 6. For your team building events, what services would you consider valuable?

* 7. Rank your key considerations for choosing a team building company? Please tick as many as are appropriate.

* 8. How much are you willing to pay for experiential team building programmes for your team?

* 9. What other additional services would you require during/for your team building session?

* 10. Would you consider Team Effectiveness Coaching (a process whereby a Professional certified coach partners with your team over a set period to help drive and sustain optimal performance)?

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