JumpBall Jamboree Team Information

The 2012 March Magic Hoopfest will feature two full sized center courts which will host the JumpBall Jamboree and be the centerpiece of March Magic Hoopfest! Boys and girls 5th through 8th grade have the chance to participate in this center court event!

Each game will consist of two 15 minute halves and a five minute halftime. Teams are limited to a maximum of 12 players and cannot be a school team, wear school uniforms nor be coached by the school basketball coach.

Please fill out the personal information on this form completely. The Greater Lansing Sports Authority will contact you via email to confirm that we have received your team registration.

*Registration Deadline is March 2, 2012*

Contact Information

Please provide all of the following information about the team that you are registering. This will enable the Greater Lansing Sports Authority to pair the teams accordingly once we have received all of the team registration forms.

Did your team participate in the 2011 JumpBall Jamboree?

How did you hear about this event?

The Jamboree schedule will be announced once we have reached the deadline or have reached the maximum of 36 registered teams. Games will be scheduled the weekend of March 22-24. If you have more than one team please fill out a registration form for each team. Once the schedule is complete each team will be contacted individually and notified of their game date and time.

If you have any questions contact the Greater Lansing Sports Authority at (517) 377-1431 or sports@lansing.org.