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* 1. Name

* 2. Department

* 3. Campus

* 4. E-mail Address

* 5. What experience do you have with Service-Learning (S-L)? Please check all that apply.

* 6. What is your interest level in teaching a Service-Learning class in the future?

* 7. Please mark "Agree" or "Disagree" with regard to the following statements about your own opinions and knowledge about SL.

  Agree Disagree
I don't know anything about SL
I know enough about SL to practice it effectively
SL can be a rigorous form of pedagogy
SL can be useful in my discipline
SL classes require too much time to develop and initiate
Students do not want SL in their classes
There is sufficient institutional support for SL efforts
I do not know the community well enough to identify service sites on my own
I am aware of the services provided by the Service-Learning Center

* 8. Would you be interested in any of the following opportunities? (Check all that apply)

* 9. How important do you think it is for learning about engaged citizenship and community awareness to be embedded in the curriculum at the Mount?

  Not at all Of Little Importance Neutral Important Very Important
Level of Importance