Competition Rules and Criteria:

Our judges will evaluate your short fiction or non-fiction submission (up to 1000 words) with attention to organization and development (unity, order of ideas and depth), expression (voice, word choice, fluency) and conventions of grammar and spelling. 

NOTE:  Your entry may originally be short form, or an excerpt from a longer work, but this year the judges will read all entries as unified and complete. THIS IS A CHANGE FROM 2017-2019 GUIDELINES.

Please read the following information carefully. Entries not adhering to these guidelines may be disqualified.  

Question Title

* 1. Submitting writers must fulfill one of the following two criteria, which has been changed from previous years' competitions.  Please check the appropriate box:

Question Title

* 2. Entries must meet the following criteria.  Please check each box to verify that your submission qualifies:

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