PURPOSE:  This survey has been designed to take a "snapshot" of the clubs who comprise the membership of the Multiples of America. Information collected via this survey will be used to improve and enhance the services of MOA to the member clubs.
RESPONDENTS NEEDED:  This survey is to be completed by the PRESIDENT of a local Multiples of America club.  Only one respondent per club, please.  This survey will be open only briefly  from November 23, 2016 to February 23, 2017.
  1. For most of the questions, answer by choosing the one response which best illustrates your answer.  There are some questions which can have more than one response, and just a few questions will require a written response.
  2. Do not skip any questions. If necessary, chose "Not Sure" or "Does Not Apply."
  3. A section for written comments is included at the end of the survey.
  4. Individual responses will be kept confidential.

* 1. What is the name of your club?  Be specific please.

* 2. How many years has your club been in existence?

* 3. How many members are currently in your club?

* 4. How many members were in your club at the end of last year?

* 5. How many members were in your club the year before last year?

* 6. Does your club focus on a specific membership such as those listed below?

* 7. Does your club have bylaws?

* 8. Does your club approve an annual budget?

* 9. Does your club hold annual elections for officers?

* 10. Which tax form does your club usually file?

* 11. How often does your club have regularly scheduled meetings?

* 12. Where are these meetings held?  Select all that apply.

* 13. Are non-members invited to these regularly scheduled meetings?

* 14. In which way, or ways, does your club communicate with members?  Select all that apply.

* 15. How are new members recruited to your club?  Select all that apply.

* 16. What is your club's time frame for responding to enquiries about joining your club?

* 17. How much are yearly membership dues?

* 18. Are dues ever waived for hardship?

* 19. Who determines if dues are waived?  Select all that apply.

* 20. How are regular dues collected?  Select all that apply.

* 21. In what ways do you share existence of your club with the public and non-member parents of multiples?  Select all that apply.

* 22. Do you have a specific board member or committee responsible for member recruitment?

* 23. What are the benefits of membership?  Select all that apply.

* 24. Are members charged extra for attending any of the above events?

* 25. Are there any club events open to the public (non-members)?

* 26. If the answer to question 25 is "Yes", describe which events are open to the public (non-members)?

* 27. What does your club spend money on each year?  Select all that apply.

* 28. What challenges/issues has your club faced in the past several years?  Select all that apply.

* 29. Did you ask anyone for help with any of the above problems?

* 30. It the answer to question 30 was "Yes," who did you ask for help?  Select all that apply.

* 31. Feel free to leave any comments here.

* 32. What is the main focus of your club?