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As part of a research project initiated by CCIC, a short survey has been prepared to generate information and learning about current experiences, approaches and challenges to greener operations and programs for Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs). Over 2020, CCIC will work with partners to support CSOs in the international development and humanitarian sectors in Canada to emerge as global leaders in environmental mainstreaming and climate-conscious operations. The initiative aims to raise awareness about environmental mainstreaming and climate-conscious operations, identify and document CSO experiences in this sphere, and consult Canadian CSOs on the barriers and opportunities for engaging in green operations and programs.The impact of COVID-19 on the sector has shown that Canadian CSOs are prepared to innovate in the face of crisis, with many lessons also emerging from greening operations and programs in difficult times which this study will aim to capture. Please visit our website for more information about the project.
What you will be asked to do

The survey will provide a baseline to inform how CCIC and Global Affairs Canada can best support Canadian international development and humanitarian assistance sectors. It should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the study at any time by notifying CCIC. You may exclude any questions you do not wish to answer, and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time. Please note that survey responses cannot be saved mid-way and that the survey may require input from a variety of staff members. As such, you may preview the content of the survey here and consult internally prior to completing it or designate who may be best suited to complete it.. Following completion of the baseline survey, you will also be given the opportunity to participate in an in-depth interview.
Possible benefits, risks and discomforts of the study 

The risks connected to this research are minimal. Your participation should not pose any risk to you that is greater than regular activities within your organization. Unless you agree to it, you will not be referred to in any research outputs in any way. Data will be presented in aggregates. 

Results foreseen and where to find them 

The data collected will contribute to the development of a series of research outputs. Research findings will be disseminated iteratively through a series of bilingual good practice case studies, policy briefs, series of virtual events and a final report between July and December 2020. You can obtain information about research results by asking the research team to send you copies when they are published, through CCIC's newsletter.
Questions / Comments / Concerns  

The research team is happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have about your participation in this research project. You may also modify your confidentiality requirements at any time prior to the completion of the study and publication of results by communicating with the research team. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the research, please contact Arianna Abdelnaiem at aabdelnaiem@ccic.ca .
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