Welcome to the Student Council Student Feedback Form! We have created this page so that you, the NYU-Poly undergraduate student body, can easily reach out to us to communicate your needs, comments, and concerns about the NYU-Poly campus community and so we can better work on making improvements on your behalf.

NYU-Poly students may provide feedback through this page regarding any of the following topics:

School Operations
Student Life
Health and Wellness
Student Activities and Events

In addition, if there is anything not listed above that relates to student life at NYU-Poly, we are happy to hear you out and address your concerns.

This page will evolve as we continue to collect your feedback over time. Any frequently asked questions will be noted and soon you will see a FAQ section on this page. We also hope to start a discussion group. Please participate, send us feedback and spread the word so that this page becomes as functional and as helpful as possible.

Note: We do not claim to have all the answers, but we are interested in finding out what issues we need to address to improve student and campus life. We are happy to reach out to the appropriate people, departments or offices to help answer your questions and concerns.

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