Have you ever embarked on a career in the architectural profession in South Africa?

       If so, I invite you to take my electronic survey.
This survey provides a structure for you to share your personal journey to and in the architectural profession, whether or not you have persisted. It forms part of research into the dynamics of the South African architectural profession and is similar to international studies. The protocol has passed muster of the research ethics committees at Wits University (H22/01/03) and the CSIR (REC Ref: 387/2022). Findings will be written up as research reports which will be available online through the university library website, and form part of papers prepared for publication and presentation.
Participation in the survey is voluntary. Ignore or skip any question you do not wish to answer. Personal information will be held confidential. Any identifying information will be removed. Inputs provided will be held securely and not disclosed to anyone else. Beyond your appreciated contribution of time, there will be no personal costs or benefits to participate in this project. You can return to your answers using the navigation keys and can withdraw at any time until you press 'submit' at the end.
The survey will take a path according to your responses, covering topics of work, academics, ARCHIculture and personal background to build a picture of your professional journey. It provides ample opportunity to elaborate should you choose to. The time needed could be between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on your answers. Please only complete it once.
Peta de Jager Pr.Arch M.A
PhD candidate, 8800856H
Wits School of Architecture and Planning