Overview of the Master Plan for the Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District

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In order to stimulate successful and unique redevelopment and improve quality of life, the North Miami City Council established the Chinatown Cultural Arts and Innovation District. The District would be situated within a 93-acre commercially zoned area along NW 7th Avenue (between NW 119th Street and NW 135th Street). This is an area that is about as big as Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach (if you include the area from 16th to 17th Ave).

After an in-depth study and investigation for nearly two years, the City is now seeking a conceptual Master Plan for the area within the next six months. This Master Plan would guide the vision for new development based upon the idea of housing, workplaces, entertainment, and shopping all being located within an easy walking distance. The Master Plan also aims to connect surrounding communities and universities, enhance multicultural diversity, and attract investors and developers.

The vision of the Master Plan includes the following community features and benefits: 
  • Anchoring the west side to Downtown North Miami;
  • Pedestrian friendly streets;
  • A mix of building types and uses (commercial, residential, etc.) that would be attractive for the area’s diverse residents and visitors;
  • Incorporation of Chinese architecture and design while also being sensitive to the area’s existing culture and art;
  • Creating a cohesive, inviting, and unique attraction for residents, visitors, and tourists;
  • Business innovation to attract new technology, inventions, research, and startups;
  • Greater connection and collaboration with Florida International University (FIU) especially for its culinary institute and the Biscayne campus, as well as surrounding communities, workplaces, and various types of public transit;
  • Strengthening existing businesses through financial and technical assistance; and
  • Attracting new businesses and creating new jobs.

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