21things4students - Tech Skills Grades 6-8 BASICS

Please complete the following short survey about your Grades 6-8 technology skills.

* 1. I can correctly use every key on the keyboard when needed.

* 2. I can format a document (set margins; select font size & type; set spacing; and set alignment).

* 3. I can copy and paste content (text, images, formatting, etc.).

* 4. I can type three pages in one sitting.

* 5. I can collaborate electronically with others on a piece of writing.

* 6. I can integrate video into a presentation.

* 7. I can integrate audio into a presentation.

* 8. I can use online resources to work with others to create and share presentations.

* 9. I can embed and edit images within presentations or other digital documents.

* 10. I can choose and utilize appropriate calculators and equation editing applications for a given task.

* 11. I can use search commands such as and, or, etc. to perform efficient Internet searches.

* 12. I can search the Internet for information, as well as organize and categorize that information.

* 13. I can tell if a website can be trusted when searching for information and determine accuracy and bias in the material.

* 14. I can format cells appropriately for data type.

* 15. I can successfully navigate a spreadsheet for data entry.

* 16. I can set up cells to perform simple calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

* 17. To print this out, please ask your teacher for an id number, or use your first name and last initial - not your full name for privacy.