* 1. What’s one take-away from today that will impact your day-to-day work?

* 2. Would you recommend today’s professional learning experience to a colleague?

* 3. We want our events to be well organized so that you can focus on learning and enjoy connecting with colleagues. How would you rate the organization of this event (i.e. communication, registration, sign-in, seating, meals…)

* 4. In terms of organization of this event, what did we do well and what are areas we can improve (i.e. communication, registration, sign-in, seating, meals…)?

* 5. It is our mission to support the learning of educators to meet the needs of the Whole Child.

Please rank the topics below to help us understand what professional learning opportunities WSASCD should focus on. 1 = 1st choice.

* 6. How did you hear about today's event? (check all that apply)