Community Recreation Needs Assessment Survey

Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park is located on Ronning Street in Terwillegar Park Estates and consists of walking paths, a playground area and a small field.  The park has recently had a small facelift. This includes the replacement of the old wooden play structure with more modern and safe play equipment, as well as the replacement of landscape ties and removal of outdated peripheral equipment.  Motivated members of your community have come together to work with the momentum that now exists to further renovate our park and make sure it addresses the needs of our community members and provide benefits to all residents.

The Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park Redevelopment Committee and the City of Edmonton ask your input into how to address the park and needs of the community. Thank you for taking a few minutes to help guide the plans for Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park. We value your opinions and will consult with the community throughout this process.

* 1. What area do you reside in?

* 2. How many members of your household are in the following age categories?

* 3. How often does your family utilize Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park? (exercise, walks, playground, field, etc.)

* 4. What age group's use would you prefer to see the park's amenities aimed at?

  High Priority Low Priority Not Wanted No Opinion
0-5 Years (Preschool)
6-12 Years (Child)
13-17 Years (Youth)
18-64 Years (Adult)
65+ Years (Senior)

* 5. What types of park amenities would you like to see at Ronning Street Park in addition to the current play structure? Please rate following items in terms of priority.

  High Priority Low Priority Not Wanted Preferred Park Location (if any)
Sport fixtures
Additional play equipment for climbing, balancing
Community Notice Board
Shade structure
Improved accessibility
Neighbourhood history information
Picnic tables
Public art
Level field area

* 6. Referencing the options above, where would you like to see your priority items located in the park?

* 7. What do you like about Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park and would not want changed?

* 8. What do you envision doing at the park?

* 9. What activities would you like to see take place at Ronning Street Neighbourhood Park? (For example, exercise events, gatherings, group activities).

* 10. We want to avoid contacting you multiple times, or having multiple answers from one household during the survey phase. Please provide your name and home address and we'll do our best to make sure you aren't asked to complete this again. Your information will be kept private and will not be linked to your responses.