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If you choose to participate, please be assured that all the information given by you will be kept totally confidential. This information will be combined with similar information from other people with visual, hearing and learning disabilities in India, to look at the average status and opportunities for promoting use of technologies and content for persons with disabilities across society.

There are no obvious physical, legal, or economic risks associated with participating in this study because your information will not be used in an identifiable manner. The privacy of the individual will be maintained and no actual names will be used. However the essence of what the person is sharing and direct narratives will be quoted from.

Participation in this survey is voluntary. You may decline from answering any question at any time. You may also ask questions at any time. You may terminate your participation at any time. However, we hope that you will take part in this survey since your participation is important.

(If below the age of 18, parent or guardian’s consent to be obtained on respondent’s behalf).

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