Hi everyone! As you know, February 2017 is special not just because it's the month of my 29th birthday, but also because we'll be doing our #KaraokeChallenge :)
How does it work? First, you will see a list of potential songs and artists to choose from. You get to start by challenging me - the song that gets the most votes by February 1st will get sung by me and you get to see my public courage in the video (I usually only sing karaoke after a few shots of soju (a Korean distilled booze)). Then it's my turn to challenge you! I will pick random voters from the blog as well as facebook group and challenge you with a known song - share your own video with the hashtag #KaraokeChallenge and/or #Kawaii365 so I can find you and share your awesomeness!

* 1. I narrowed it down so far to some of my favorite 'cutesy' and 'upbeat' singers and bands, including ones from the 90s when I was going through puberty. And just for us young at heart, I threw in some classic Disney songs :) Let's start by determining the most popular artist/category.

* 2. Okay, so each category has a select amount of songs I've chosen based on the ability to hit the notes, remember the lyrics and keep the rhythm. Let's start with the cute school girl turned sexpot Britney Spears.

* 3. And now for the beloved Country Music Category.

* 4. And some popular (among grown women!) Disney songs.

* 5. The 1990s is vaguely named, as some of the songs are from before or after this decade, but I didn't want to clutter this poll with too many categories.

* 6. And finally, for the rest of the Pop Princesses we love!

* 7. So there you have it. Please choose from the list(s) above, and even 1 popular one from each category really helps me to narrow it down to the final song performance! Thank you for voting :D