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* 1. We're giving away a copy of the book Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Listen to Your Dreams.

Your dreams are powerful tools for redirecting your life, changing your relationships, and making you a happier person. Learn how to use your dreams, premonitions, and intuition for personal transformation.

You’re too busy during the day to pay attention to that quiet voice inside you that knows you so well. But at night your dreams are a window into what your subconscious is trying to tell you. This enlightening new collection is filled with true, personal stories from ordinary people whose dreams, premonitions, and intuition tapped into the extraordinary wisdom they already had within them.

These 101 tales of inner guidance, divine intervention & miraculous insight will show you how to:
Use your dreams as your GPS for navigating life
Find love & companionship—from soul mates to rescue dogs!
Face your fears and overcome them with new confidence
Accept divine guidance from that little voice in your head
Act on your premonitions and avoid dangerous situations
Improve your relationships with the living and the deceased
Find comfort and closure through messages from heaven

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