Family Bed Questionnaire

In 1957, Betty Friedan and several of her classmates from Smith College created a reunion questionnaire. The responses were so illuminating that Friedan turned it into her ground-breaking 1963 best-seller The Feminine Mystique. Fifty-one years later, we revisited Friedan's original questions to create our own questionnaire in the hopes of shining a light on our generation--and specifically our sex lives and how they do/don't change or evolve once kids enter our lives. We hope you will share and help us to understand our generation as parents.

--Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards

1. Are you...

2. Are you...

3. How many children do you have?

  0 1 2 3 4 5+

4. How long after you had children did you resume sex?

5. How frequently do you have sex?

6. Were you more liberated sexually after having children?

7. Orgasm in my relationship is...

8. Have you...

  Yes No
Ever fantasized about someone besides your co-parent?
If yes, did you act upon it?

9. Do you ever use the following to achieve sexual release?

  Yes No

10. Do you ever have sex for reasons other than your own desire?

11. What were your expectations for sex after kids? Did you think your sex life would change? How? Did reality mesh with those expectations?