2022 Travel Poll

As announced in recent email, TBGO is considering resuming travel in 2022.  With that in mind, we'd like to assess whether band associates think they'll be ready for various kinds of travel next Spring and Summer. 

We also want to get a sense of whether the band is interested in two specific travel possibilities:
  • the Medford Pear Blossom Festival Parade in April 2022; and
  • the Gatlinburg, TN "First in the Nation" Midnight Fourth of July Parade in July 2022 . 
Additional details about both proposed trips are available on the TBGO Event Information page.

This survey will help us judge:
  • The band's readiness to begin to travel again in 2022;;
  • The band's interest in supporting these two specific trips; and
  • Price sensitivity for the proposed Gatlinburg trip.
To reduce the total cost of travel to affordable levels, TBGO may offer Travel Assistance Program (TAP) awards and/or Early Booking Discounts (EBD) to band associates as detailed below. Non-performer guests are welcome to join the trips but are responsible for their own expenses (i.e., travel is not partially subsidized by TBGO).

This poll will help us with early logistics planning as well as the need for TAP and EBD.

If you have multiple travelers, please fill in a separate poll for each traveler; this will make it easier to analyze the results.

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