1. Introduction

As the Executive Publisher for Elsevier's transportation journals, I would welcome your feedback on the idea of a proposed new journal, Journal of Transport & Health (JTH).

The journal will be devoted to research on the many interactions between transport and public health. These include, for instance:

The impacts on health and inequalities of:
- active modes of transport;
- noise and air pollution generated by transport;
- road traffic injuries;
- community severance;

Road danger and its reduction:
- actual safety and security hazards associated with transport:
- perceptions of danger and factors affecting these;

Factors affecting transport choices:
- urban form;
- location and accessibility of health and other facilities;
- age, health and disability;
- socio-economic inequalities;
- rurality;
- logistics systems, especially for food transport and distribution;
- tourism and leisure travel;

Synergies between sustainability and health impacts of transport;

Economic and health impact assessments;

And policies that promote or discourage healthy and sustainable transport modes, transport systems and communities.

The journal aims to cover transport and health issues in all countries. Three particular aims of the journal are: to promote dialogue between the two research communities it serves, to improve the quality of data and the appropriate use of data; and to encourage transfer of research into practice.

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this proposed journal.

Chris Pringle
Elsevier Ltd
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