The Sustainability Toolkit App
To create the optimal platform to promote environmental stewardship, we are reaching out to all those sectors to design the database. To ensure the success of the Sustainability Toolkit, we need your help. Your input will help guide us and our tech team to develop the App’s BETA content and serve as your admissions pass to attend the Sustainability Forum. The Sustainability Toolkit App will then be BETA-tested on Hawaii Island.

* 1. Name (optional)

* 2. Zip Code

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Organization name/Business Name/School

* 5. What group do you associate yourself with?

* 6. Why is sustainability important to you and Hawaii? Explain

* 7. Which of Hawaii Sustainability goals are important to you? Rank the most important goals to your sector from 1- 9.

* 8. If you answered Other, please specify.

* 9. How have you been involved in achieving sustainability goals? What can we learn from your experience?

* 10. Which projects/partners/organizations have you engaged with to address Hawaii's sustainability goals? List three and why?

* 11. What roles  are important for future success within your group? Which other groups do you think needs the most additional work and resources to improve sustainability in Hawaii? Explain

* 12. Which of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals are priorities for you and Hawaii? Rank from 1-15.

* 13. What are the major challenges/obstacles facing Hawaii achieving these goals? Rank them 1-10.

* 14. List the three main barriers that apply to your sector from the previous question? Please explain how you think the App could help us to address these issues.

* 15. How could the accessibility of a user-friendly sustainability-focused app support your efforts?