1. Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression Survey (right-side symptoms vs left-side symptoms)

AIMS/PURPOSE - Note that all inputs to this survey are being requested on a voluntary basis. Data collected from this survey is intended to help the research community discover and better understand the underlying factors involved in the causation of Multiple Sclerosis. No compensation or immediate direct benefit is being promised to those who complete the survey.

ETHICAL Disclosure - This survey is being undertaken as an independent research activity by Leroy Lowe of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada (leroy_lowe@yahoo.com or 1-902-893-5362). It is not being funded by any organization and Leroy Lowe has no financial ties or associations with any companies that have an interest in Multiple Sclerosis. The results will be used solely for public benefit and any significant findings that emerge from the study will be submitted to an appropriate academic journal to ensure competent academic peer review and a broad dissemination of the results if they are important.

PRIVACY Statement - All contributions to this survey are anonymous and no specific identifying personal information is being collected with this survey. For anyone who wishes to be contacted later, an email address can be submitted (below) but that email will not be shared with anyone. The data from this study will be safeguarded and if any other researchers need to see the raw data for analysis, emails will be stripped from the dataset before the other details are shared.

INFORMED CONSENT - By completing this questionnaire, you verify that:

* You have read and understood the purpose of this survey along with the other details provided above;
* You have voluntarily agreed to participate; and
* You are at least 21 years of age.

Please direct any questions about this survey to Leroy Lowe (see contact details above). If you are taking the survey, thank you in advance for your willingness to assist. Your input is greatly appreciated!

IMPORTANT - Please only respond to this survey if you have been formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by a physician. Thank you again for your participation!

* 1. Gender

* 2. Age

* 3. When you were first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, on which side of your body were symptoms present?

* 4. How many years have passed since you were first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by a physician?

Note - please respond with closest number of complete years, e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. (i.e., do not insert fractions of a year). Also, be sure to use the numbers on the number keys (i.e., do not spell out the number), and just insert the number itself (i.e., do not add the word "years)"

* 5. Since the time of your first diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, what position have you tended to favor after waking up each day (i.e.,from the time you wake up until you get out of bed)?

* 6. Since the time of your first diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, what has been the average amount of time that you tend to linger in bed after waking (i.e., before getting up out of bed)?

* 7. To what extent do your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms now affect the left-side and/or the right side of your body? If you are currently in remission, please comment on your status when you last had discernable sysmptoms.

* 8. If you were first diagnosed with symptoms on one side (i.e., one side only or mainly on one side) and your symptoms have now switched sides (i.e., the symptoms are completely on the opposite side or mainly on the opposite-side), how many years after your initial diagnosis did that reversal of dominance occur? Please indicate the closest number of years (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4 etc) in the box below.

Note - do not answer this question if it doesnt apply to you.

* 9. Research results - If you would like to be notified of any significant developments resulting from this research, please feel free to leave an email address (not required) - Thanks again for your inputs!