DuPont State Recreational Forest Visitor Preference Survey

DuPont State Recreational Forest is undertaking a site planning effort, and as part of that process, we would like to hear from our visitors about what they like about the forest and what they feel is lacking. Please take a few moments to fill out this brief survey and help us understand what facilities you enjoy and what you think would enhance your experience. We appreciate your time and thoughtful response!

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your race? (mark one)

* 4. Where are you from?

* 5. What is your primary reason for visiting DuPont State Recreational Forest? (choose one)

* 6. How many times have you visited Dupont State Recreational Forest in the last 12 months? 

* 7. Have you used the current version of the DuPont Forest Trails Map?

* 8. If so, did you find it easy to use?

* 9. What type of trails do you prefer to use?

* 10. How would you prefer that trails be marked on the ground?

* 11. Which statement best summarizes your experience on trails in public lands?

* 12. Have you observed any negative interaction between user/visitor groups?

* 13. If yes, what have you observed and/or perceive to be the reason? Please write response in the space below:

* 14. When recreating at sites other than DuPont State Recreational Forest, do you or a family member participate in camping?

* 15. What is your preferred type of camping? (Pick only three 3 and rank most favorite, second favorite and third favorite)

  Most Favorite Second Favorite Third Favorite
Primitive campsite (hike in and out – no facilities)
Standard drive-up tent site (parking pad, grill / fire ring, access to shower house, bathrooms)
Platform camping (constructed platform)
Group camping
Cabin Site – regular (electricity, no plumbing)
Cabin site (premium) (full service)
Trailer / RV camp site (larger site, level, full facilities)
Horse Camp (includes facilities to enclose or tether horses)
Kayak, Canoe campsite (accessible by boat)
None – I do not camp.

* 16. Pick the top 5 recreational features you would like to see introduced or expanded in DuPont State Recreational Forest. (Please select only 5, in order 1-5, 1 being the feature you would like to see the most.)

  #1 Feature #2 Feature #3 Feature #4 Feature #5 Feature
Bird Watching
Cultural interpretation
Educational programs
Fishing pier
Non-motorized boating
Mountain biking
Open space / event space
Shelters for gatherings such as weddings, family reunions, gatherings
Picnic shelters large __ or small ____
Picnic areas
Public boat ramp
Horse trails
Day hiking

* 17. Do you feel there is a need for additional (check all that apply):

* 18. Would you be willing to pay a fee to visit DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 19. If yes, would you be willing to pay:

* 20. Are you interested in non-motorized boat rental?

* 21. Which types of boating would you participate in most if offered at DuPont State Recreational Forest? (pick 1)

* 22. Do you fish?

* 23. What type of fishing do you / would you do the most at DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 24. Do you hunt?

* 25. If yes, have you hunted at DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 26. What types of game do you hunt?

* 27. Have you experienced any commercial business (guided trips, summer camps, tours, etc) taking place during your visit to DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 28. If yes, did the interaction with commercial business negatively affect your experience or visit?

* 29. Do you know about the cultural history of DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 30. How would you like to learn more about the cultural history of the area including DuPont State Recreational Forest?

* 31. Please use the space below to let us know if you have any ideas or comments you would like us to consider that would enhance your experience at DuPont State Recreational Forest.