Participant Survey

KOB-TV and New Mexico First are convening a nonpartisan citizen town hall to develop questions for the Albuquerque mayoral candidates. The half-day town hall will include a live, televised debate with your candidates for mayor.

If selected for this event, you will work with your neighbors to identify the biggest concerns facing your communities and help shape important, issue-focused questions. Multiple town halls will take place throughout the city. You may even be selected to ask your question on the air! Each event will include an afternoon citizen deliberation followed by dinner and the televised forum.

This brief survey will help KOB-TV and New Mexico First select a fair and balanced group of citizens to take part in the citizen town halls. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

* 1. Are you available to take part in a citizen deliberation in Albuquerque (locations to be determined) on Friday, September 15, between 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm?

* 2. How likely are you to vote in the upcoming October 3, 2017 mayoral election?

* 3. Are you a campaign volunteer or staff worker for any of the candidates for mayor of Albuquerque?

* 4. Are you, your spouse or significant other a paid employee of any political party or political candidate?

* 5. The organizers must ensure that the town halls represent a mix of perspectives and supporters of the various candidates. If the 2017 election for mayor were held today, which of the following best describes you? I am voting for: (Candidates registered to run as of 7/21/17)

* 6. What is your political party?

* 7. What type of work do you do?

* 8. If media, please include the organization name.

* 9. What is your race/ethnicity?

* 10. What is your primary language? (i.e. the one you speak most of the time)

* 11. Do you have any special needs of which we should be aware? (e.g. wheelchair access, food allergies, etc.)

* 12. Contact information:

* 13. Are you a member of a homeowner or neighborhood association or a Neighborhood Watch? If yes, please state the name of the organization.