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* 1. How did you hear about the conference?

* 2. What did you think of the conference overall?

* 3. What did you think of the General Session speakers and panels?

* 4. Please tell us which breakout sessions you went to and what you thought of each one.

* 5. What suggestions do you have to make the next conference even better?

* 6. What topics would you like to see covered next time that weren't covered at this conference? Any ideas for breakout sessions you'd be interested in attending?

* 7. Would you attend this conference again?

* 8. If so, would you be willing to help us spread the word (ie; put up posters in your community, send out e-flyers among your network, talk to the women’s groups of which you are a part)?

* 9. Could we use some of your comments in the testimonial section on our website? If so, let us know if you’re comfortable with us using your full name or would rather us use your initials.

* 10. If you were an exhibitor please give us feedback on your experience in the exhibit area and what we can do to better serve you next time.