Fund Georgia’s Future hopes to create a just educational system. This system requires:

Fair Funding. A fair funding system requires:

A Commitment to Inclusivity. A fair funding system must meaningfully engage the public, specifically those students and families closest to the education process, on how public funds should be spent to best meet community needs.

A Commitment to Acknowledging and Dismantling Historical Systems of Marginalization in Education. A fair funding system must acknowledge and work to break down systems that have historically and continue to discriminate against students and families based on race, national origin, religion, gender, English-language proficiency, geography, and economic resources.

Full Funding. A full funding system requires:

A Commitment to Maintenance:  A full funding system must end persistent budget cuts to public schools and cannot use public funds for private education.

A Commitment to Growth: A full funding system must find new methods of raising revenue to make sure that the state’s funding commitment is based on what students need, not on current revenue.

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