General Information and Guidelines (page 1 of 2)

Contest Details

University of Michigan undergraduate students are invited to submit artwork expressing a scientific principle(s), concept(s), idea(s), process(es), and/or structure(s). The artwork may be visual, literary, musical, video, or performance based. A juried panel using criteria based on both scientific and artistic considerations will choose winning submissions.

A number of submissions will be selected for prizes, some of which will be on display and/or performed during the Awards Ceremony and/or displayed in an online Contest Gallery. The entry selected for “Best Overall” will be awarded a cash prize, with smaller cash awards in other categories.

Award categories will be based on the number of types of submissions received.
  • Open to all currently enrolled University of Michigan-Ann Arbor undergraduate students.
  • All submissions must represent, symbolize, or be inspired by a scientific concept or theme.
  • Only one individual entry per person. A contestant who enters an individual submission may also participate as a team member for one team submission.
  • All work must be original, accurate, unpublished and the sole property and work of the individual or team, and not previously submitted in any other contest.
  • All entrants must complete all sections of this contest entry form.
  • A written explanation must accompany each submission detailing both the: 1) scientific principle, concept, idea, process or structure that is represented, and/or that served as the inspiration for the work and the 2) artistic components of the work. (Instructions for including this written explanation are included in a subsequent section of this form.)
  • A brief, self-contained descriptive abstract about your artwork must also be submitted.
  • Copyrighted materials may not be used unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder(s) and the Permission to Use Copyrighted Work section of this form is completed. 
  • By entering the contest, participants, while retaining their copyright, grant the Science as Art sponsors and the Regents of the University of Michigan nonexclusive right in perpetuity to use, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform and display and create derivatives of the entry. Participants also grant the rights to publish the artists’ names, likenesses, and/or images.
  • Submissions advertising or marketing specific companies or commercial products are ineligible.
  • Awards are made at the sole discretion of the Science as Art sponsors, and all decisions are final.
  • While it is not the intent to censor any artwork, we do wish to avoid artwork that is potentially inappropriate for display in a public location or on a website. The judges reserve the right to not include in exhibition any entries deemed pornographic, sexually explicit or suggestive, violent and/or insensitive.
  • Disclaimer: While reasonable precautions will be taken, the sponsors of this contest are not responsible for any submission lost, stolen, or damaged during the course of the contest. Creator retains the right of ownership of any art submitted to the contest and is responsible for retrieving the entry after the contest awards ceremony and exhibition, upon notification. 
Team of Judges

The judging team will be composed of a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds in science, literature, education and art. Some aspects that will be used for judging include: scientific basis (how well is the science represented or how well did the science serve as an inspiration), aesthetic appeal (beauty, uniqueness, creativity, etc.), quality of explanation (how well is the science described) and artistic explanation (how well are the artist’s intentions and choices described).