Application: Due by February 28, 2014

Otterbein continues to experiment with ways to explore and support blended learning on campus. A popular method for conducting blended and online classes consists of the use synchronous, online, virtual classroom tools and strong instructional design principles. The Nursing Department has a seat license for Collaborate (formerly called Elluminate and Wimba) and has agreed to limited use outside the Department.

The Center for Teaching and Learning has devised a faculty pilot program to introduce and actively support between 8 and 12 Collaborate moderators, on a per semester basis. In this phased approach to introducing a successful virtual classroom experience, the CTL is accepting submissions for a pilot program, where faculty can learn and demonstrate how the use of Collaborate will enhance the overall student experience.

Participant Expectations:

Those selected for the pilot program will be asked to:
-carefully consider the impact of using virtual meetings, in lieu of class time
-this includes defining “where” the (location)
-the “how” (one-to-many? many-to-many?)

-ensure Instructor Certification is completed:
-successful completion of CTL Collaborate training
-best practices on using the suite of tools
-successful completion of ITS technical testing
-microphones, headset, video, correct version of java

-CTL “Guide-on-the-Side” pedagogical support on meeting days (when possible)
-IT tech support on meeting days (when possible)

-document experiences in a one page write up (to be used by the CTL)
-speak to experiences at select workshops (as schedules allow)
-work with the CTL to collect feedback from students about their experience
-provide verbal feedback and suggestions for improvement to CTL and ITS

* Collaborate Pilot Application

* Course Information

* Please outline your course, describe how you see the addition of Collaborate supporting your existing course, and provide a rationale of how these virtual meetings will support course activities.

* 2. How many Collaborate meetings are you proposing in your class?

* Please indicate the equipment you have available for use.
Type of computer:

  desktop laptop other

* Operating System

  Mac Windows other

* Internet connection:

  network wireless other

* Please indicate the equipment you have available for use.

  yes no

* I have read and understand the expectations for participating in the Collaborate Pilot, and agree to participate fully.