1. Condo-Hotel Owner Questionnaire

Thank you for taking a few minutes to respond to our questionnaire. We look forward to hosting you at our property in the near future!

* 1. Did you purchase primarily for investment or for your own use?

* 2. What were the number one and two reasons you chose to purchase this unit?

  First Reason Second Reason
Short term revenue
Long term investment potential
Name brand

* 3. Do you own condo-hotel units at other properties?

* 4. How many nights have you stayed in your Hard Rock unit in the past year?

* 5. Have you tried to sell your unit at Hard Rock?

* 6. Do you plan to sell your unit in the near future?

* 7. Was a deposit required to "reserve" your unit?

* 8. Which financing option did you choose?

* 10. If you are dissatisfied with any of the revenue or cost items, please describe why:

* 11. What do you especially like about your unit at the Hard Rock?

* 12. What do you dislike about your unit at Hard Rock?

* 13. What suggestions do you have for us regarding the marketing and management of our condo-hotel units?

* 14. Any other comments?