1. FY 2017 (May 1st, 2016 to April 30, 2017) Customer Needs & Satisfaction Survey

In this survey, we ask our customers to rate their satisfaction with the Human Relations Department's services. We hope you will take the time to complete all parts of the attached survey. Your input is valuable and it will help us to continue improving the services we provide to our clients.

* 1. Please describe the quality of customer service you received during your most recent encounter with the Human Relations Department. If you choose excellent or unsatisfactory, please complete part two of the question.

* 2. Which division did you interact with during your most recent contact?

* 3. Please let us know the name of the person you dealt with.

* 4. What best describes your experience when calling the Human Relations Department?

* 5. How long did you have to wait before speaking to a Human Relations staff member?

* 6. Please finish this statement: "The Human Relations staff members were . . ."

* 7. The HRD staff member communicated well and kept me informed throughout the process.

* 8. How helpful was the information from the Human Relations staff member?

* 9. How long did it take to get your issue resolved?

* 10. How would you describe the process of getting your concerns resolved?

* 11. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service(s) provided by the Human Relations Department?

* 12. What can we do to improve customer services? Please rate the following items for how they would fit your needs. If you have other suggestions, please include those.

  Strong need for this Average interest No interest
Provide financial guidance
Provide financial assistance such as loans
Provide financial assistance such as business loan packaging
Provide financial assistance such as bonding
Provide marketing assistance
Provide construction management
Provide legal services
Provide business plan development
Contract notification
Pre and post business operational guidance
Personal evaluation of sales skills
Training in computer skills
Government certification assistance
Entrepreneurial development scholarships
Guidance in "How to do Business with the City"
Guidance on "How to do Business with the State & Federal Government"
Construction training such as estimating
Construction training such as cash flow analysis
Construction training such as bidding
Construction training such as blue print reading
Construction training such as drafting
Construction training such as scheduling
Construction training such as project management
Ability to view and copy site drawings of proposed projects
Access to bid cost estimation software
Access to conference rooms
Business incubator space
Business planning seminar
Business valuation
Seminar on staying in tune with your business
Seminar on financing your business
Tax seminar
Training on employment law
Training on OSHA regulations
Training on housing laws
Training on landlord tenant rights
Conflict management skills
Mediation services