May 6, 2021

Dear Friends of MAM,
This past year has forced educators all over the world to transition to online platforms, and one of the silver linings of this pandemic has been the blossoming of various technologies that have allowed us to remain connected.

Because the ongoing pandemic continues to prevent our Maya colleagues to gather safely in classrooms and workshops, we are inaugurating new ways for Maya teachers to reach out to their students, both through online classes, as well as through uploading recorded lecture videos online.

MAM is currently surveying our Maya colleagues to see what their needs may be regarding online access, teaching experience, and training, and we are proposing to make our MAM website at a repository for both public and private online educational videos made by Maya teachers for their students.

There is a great need for educational videos about Maya writing and the calendar in Spanish, as well as in different Mayan languages, and we would like to support the creation of more content like this.

Please take a moment to complete this brief survey for our supporters, followers, and friends.

This survey is also to see what kind of content you would like to see on our MAM website. Traditionally, we post reports from on the ground, face-to-face workshops in the field every 40 days, but this has not been possible for many months. We would like to hear from you about what kind of content you would like to see in the future.

We wish you all a safe and healthy return to life beyond the pandemic, hoping that the wide distribution of vaccinations reaches far and wide to finally bring us out of this crisis.

Thanks very much for participating in our survey!

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope we can find ways to keep us connected, while also keeping us all safe.


Michael Grofe, President

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* 3. Would you be interested in viewing MAM-funded instructional videos on our website if they are made public? Most of these would be in Spanish, and some will also be in Mayan languages or relating to specific Mayan languages.

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* 4. Would you require English subtitles to view Spanish content instructional videos?

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* 5. What other suggestions do you have regarding content you would like to see on our MAM website?

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* 6. Have you previously donated to MAM?

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* 7. Would you consider a financial donation to MAM in the future?

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