What is it like to be a postdoc in different countries around the world?

We are collecting data from postdocs all around the world so we can tell you where is the best place to work. All responses are anonymous and we really appreciate your contributions. You can find the results later in the year at www.lifesciencenetwork.com

* 1. In what country are you doing your postdoc and what field are you working in?

* 2. Are postdocs in this country considered 'employees' or 'trainees'?

* 3. What is your salary/stipend in the local currency?

* 4. How many hours do you work a week?

* 5. What is the breakdown of your day in terms of time spent on research, teaching, mentoring, writing publications, writing grant applications, reviewing publications and reviewing grant applications?

* 6. Please check the boxes if your institution gives you benefits like assistance with childcare, retirement pay, holiday pay or health insurance:

* 7. Do you have an individual training program? If so, which type?

* 8. Does your institution offer career development resources?

* 9. Do you feel that to leave academia would be a 'failure'?

* 10. Are you considering careers outside of academia?