* 1. Do you live locally?

* 2. Are you familiar with Stockwell Studios?

* 3. Have you been to any of our Open Studio Events?

* 4. What art based facilities do you currently use in the local area?

* 5. Would you be interested in hiring an arts space or working in collaboration with us?

* 6. Do you have any particular skills you could offer ie: fundraising, arts management?

* 7. Are you aware that our community garden is open for public access every Tuesday from 12-5pm and some Sundays 12-3pm. Have you ever visited it? If so, how often?

* 8. Would you be interested in joining a food growing community at Stockwell Studios?

* 9. Are you male or female? What age bracket are you? under 18, 18-25, 25-65 or over 65?