Birth Photography Questionnaire

We are gauging what the general public knows or thinks of this service. Please answer the below questions as thoroughly as possible. 

* 1. Have you heard of Birth Photography?

* 2. If yes, where did you first hear about birth photography?

* 3. What is your first reaction to the service of Birth Photography?

* 4. If you had known about birth photography for a past birth, or if you are planning on giving birth in the future, what is the likelihood that you would've/will hire a birth photographer?

* 5. Please help us understand why you selected the answer above:

* 6. In what city do you live?

* 7. About how much would you be willing to pay for birth photography services? (Please enter a whole number. Please enter the number of dollars you are willing to pay.)

* 8. Please give any additional helpful feedback about your understanding of birth photography services.