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In the following, you will read 25 statements that are typical of the commentary you read in the media about people over 60. Each statement contains an “X”, followed by a list of 5 possible expressions for "X". For each statement, please choose the expression that you think is the most common. 

* 1. "X" are conscious about their health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

* 2. "X" are tight-fisted with money.

* 3. "X" have a sense of satisfaction with their life.

* 4. "X" contribute economically to society.

* 5. "X" are more susceptible to illnesses and disabilities.

* 6. "X" are more conservative in attitude and thinking.

* 7. "X" are forgetful.

* 8. "X" serve as role models and are respected members of society.

* 9. "X" like to travel.

* 10. "X" are unable to look after themselves and depend on others for help.

* 11. "X" are often lonely and bored.

* 12. "X" are frail and fall more often.

* 13. "X" are vibrant and full of purpose.

* 14. "X" play an important role in their extended family's life.

* 15. "X" are more likely to suffer from depression.

* 16. "X" are poor.

* 17. "X" lead an active and involved life.

* 18. "X" are more likely to cause road accidents.

* 19. "X" are wealthy and like to spend their money.

* 20. "X" are reliable.

* 21. "X" benefit the workforce through their experience.

* 22. "X" have no sex lives.

* 23. "X" have wisdom and can always be turned to for advice.

* 24. "X" are often victims of mental and physical abuse.

* 25. "X" prove an increasing economic burden on society.

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