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Rabbi Ian Lichter
April 24, 2010

Rabbi Ian Lichter<br>April 24, 2010

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Dear Congregant:

In order to properly gauge the range of opinions of its members, the Great Neck Synagogue is asking you to answer a few additional questions regarding the candidate for the Assistant Rabbi position. (No “essay” questions this time!)

Please answer the questions based upon your observations (i.e., what you saw or heard directly from the candidate) rather than what you may have heard from someone else.

* Please rate the candidate on the following qualities

  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor No opinion
Presentation skills
Presence as a speaker
Candidates preparation for shiurim
Overall content of presentations
Torah knowledge
Ability to "think on his feet"
Command of material presented
Rebbetzin as an asset
Sense of humor
Ability to teach Torah
Being "approachable"
Ability to reach those with diverse levels of learning
Having people skills
Ability to relate to all ages
Being inspiring
Overall impression made

* Which two of the following qualities do you consider most important in choosing our next assistant rabbi (please choose only two):