1. Southern Oregon University Graduating Student Survey

* 1. SOU Student ID # (or SSN)

* 2. Please provide the best contact information to reach you at after you graduate:

* 3. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following:

  Very unsatisfied Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very satisfied Not applicable
How well University Seminar (USEM) or Colloquium (CORE) prepared you for your upper division coursework
Library services and facilities
Technology services (i.e. Computer Labs, Blackboard, MySOU, Wireless Networking etc.)
Personal counseling provided by SOU professional staff
Academic advising provided through Academic Support Programs (the ACCESS Center)
Academic advising provided by your major advisor
Availability of faculty
Quality of faculty
Career counseling received through Career Development Services
Career counseling received through faculty in your major department

* 4. Which of the following best describes your current situation as it relates to your career development? (Please mark all that apply)

* 5. Name of company/organization where you will be employed after graduation (if applicable):

* 6. Name of graduate school you will attend (if applicable):