1. Grazia: The Rise of Mrs Big Survey...

As more women than ever become the main breadwinner in their relationship - traditional roles are shifting at home and at work. But how is this affecting you, your colleagues and, if you have them, your partners and children? Help us find out with this survey and you could be entered into a prize draw to win £200 worth of the most on trend products from Revlon.

First please tell us about yourself, family and situation. If any question does not apply just skip it. Questions marked with a * are compulsory.

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. Are you...?

* 3. Which TV area do you live in?

* 4. What is your nearest city? (Please tick closest one, we cannot list them all)

* 5. Do you have children?

* 6. If so, how old are your children?

* 7. What is your work status?

* 8. If you have a partner and young children, is your partner a full-time father/house-husband?

* 9. Have you started your own business?

* 10. If you have started your own business, why did you start it? (Please tick all reasons that apply)