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The Business Insights Scorecard benchmarks your ability to attract customers, to efficiently deliver your products and services, and to generate a profitable regional business.

The Scorecard also identifies opportunities for accelerated growth.

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* 2. Tell us about your business....

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* 3. Direction and Focus

  No, never. Sometimes More or less Most of the time Yes, always.
I have a clear vision of where my business is going and have written it out in detail.
We proudly display our mission, vision and culture statements on our walls.
I have a formal written business plan which sets out its strategic objectives.
The 90-day plan is reviewed weekly and updated quarterly.
My business has the right allies to support me (Consultant, Accountant, Solicitor, Financial Planner, Finance and Insurance Agent ).

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* 4. Getting the work in the door

  No, never Sometimes More or less Most of the time Yes, always
The business has found a niche for its product and no longer competes on price.
We only advertise when we can test and measure the results. We do not advertise randomly.
We use a checklist for every advertisement for formatting and measuring ROI.
We use at least 7 strategies to generate valuable word-of-mouth referrals.
Competition: We conduct quarterly reviews of our competitors and their practices.
We have a remarkable offer which compels customers to buy from us (and it's more than our customer service or a discounted price).
We track every lead, our client conversion rate and the number of transactions per client, continuously.
Our team follow every step of our proven sales process and have a script at each step.
We educate our database at least once per month.
We survey our clients regularly to determine how we can better serve them.
Our customers are at the centre of our advertising.

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* 5. Getting the work done

  No, never. Sometimes More or less Most of the time Yes, always
My days are well planned and I have more time than I need to get things done.
I am putting aside funds regularly with which to become financially independent.
I am happy with the amount of money I make from the business.
I have invested time and money in formal business education in the last 12 months.
I know who I will employ next, and have job descriptions and a recruitment process ready to go.
Work in progress meetings are held weekly
We formally review the performance of our team and suppliers twice per year
Our termination and redundancy process follows Fair Work standards.
Work is completed within time parameters to our standard and there is no re-work.
There is a job description matrix for training, absences and long term succession planning.
We have a software inventory control system and POS.
No one area of the business is dependant on a single supplier.

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* 6. Keeping the cash on the way through.

  No, never Sometimes More or less Most of the time Yes, always
I know my gross profit margin on every sale.
I have a business model which shows me how I make money.
We renegotiate terms with suppliers annually.
We use sales checklists and ask for an upsell 100% of the time.
We use a debt collection process.
We track inventory monthly and have implemented a dynamic ordering policy.
We have a cash flow forecast.
I have a business dashboard I refer to each week.
The business has an annual budget in writing from which to work.
I know my break-even.
We monitor key ratios and key performance indicators at least monthly.

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* 7. A few things about your business...

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