1. Survey

Please help us improve the NYSSPE-Suffolk Chapter by completing the following seminar.

* 1. NYSSPE-Suffolk Seminar Experience:

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Are you a member of NYSSPE - Suffolk Chapter?
Do you attend NYSSPE - Suffolk Chapter seminars?
Would you be interested in attending future NYSSPE - Suffolk Chapter seminars?

* 2. Is the current email registration and payment process easy to use?

* 3. Would you prefer to pay by check, cash or credit card or PayPal? (Check all that apply.)

* 4. Would you be interested in seminars regarding:

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Drainage Products
Brick Industry
Plant/Site Tours
LEED Accredited Courses
Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Sustainable/Renewable Energy

* 5. Do you prefer seminars to be held at the same location, Islip Town Hall?

* 6. Would you prefer different locations/facilities for seminars? (Check all that apply.)

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Eastern Suffolk
Western Suffolk
Bergen Point Country Club
LIPA Facility in Melville
Suffolk County office in Yaphank

* 7. PDH and Cost of Seminars:

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Do you prefer a 1 hour evening seminar with 1 hour of networking after?
Do you prefer 2 hour evening seminars in lieu of 1 hour?
Would you prefer to attend full day seminars (at a higher price)?
Would you pay more per seminar for hot buffet and larger venue?

* 8. Would you be interested in attending any of the following:

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Ducks Game
Awards dinner
Golf Outing
Islanders Game
Happy Hour event


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Would you or your company be interested in sponsoring any events/seminars or want to be listed on our website?
Would you or anyone you know be interested in presenting a seminar?

* 10. Please provide any comments or expand on any questions above: