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* 1. I verify I have given Shea-Noel Interiors, Inc. permission to use the information collected herein for research purposes without compensation. I also verify I do not work in the Interior Design, Architectural, Interior Rearranging, or related fields and have not used the services of an interior designer prior to taking this survey. I also reside in the United States of America.

* 2. In order for an interior designer to practice, it is my understanding an individual must obtain a college degree in interior design from an accredited university.

* 3. I have heard of the National Council of Interior Design Qualification Examination. (NCIDQ)

* 4. If I were to hire an interior designer, I would be sure they were a member of a professional group which promotes good practices and ethics in interior design. (i.e.: ASID, IIDA, etc)

* 5. There is a difference between the titles of interior designer and decorator.

* 6. I would think an interior designer would charge for their design expertise in the following manner:

* 7. I would feel comfortable hiring an interior designer if they had been published and/or featured in the following places:
Check all the applies

* 8. When I see a home featured in a magazine that an interior designer created, I think the homeowner spent approx.:

* 9. All interior designers have a license to practice.

* 10. To get professional interior design services, I think I would have to spend ______________ per hour for a good designer.